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EHR Training: Questions to ask

 Employers posted more than 15,000 online job ads for health care professionals to manager EHR systems, up 31 percent from last year and up 88 percent in the past two years, according to a report released by Wanted Analytics. EHR training was the most sought-after skill.


This makes complete sense given the headaches many hospitals have endured due to lack of sufficient training from their vendor. For many rural and community hospitals, finding a registered nurse, medical billing coder, etc., with EHR experience is challenging because of recruiting issues already facing this market. So finding the necessary EHR training skills to make your hospital successful depends on finding the right vendor.


Questions to Ask Your EHR Vendor 

To ensure you receive the proper training to position your staff for long-term success, here are a few questions you should ask your vendor:


  1. How long will the training program last? Especially in rural and community hospitals, organizations need an in-depth training program that properly accounts for the lack of EHR / technology experience that is often found in these smaller hospitals.

  3. When during implementation will training occur? Sometimes hospitals are trained too early in the implementation process, so that months later, when go-live happens, all the knowledge they learned is no longer easy to recall. Be sure training happens close to go-live so that it can immediately be put to good use.

  5. What materials will be provided? Look for a vendor with a library of materials or learning management system that provides online tutorials, workflow diagrams, FAQs, etc., to help your staff retain and expand its EHR knowledge post go-live. This is also extremely important as new employees join your team.

  7. What type of training occurs after go-live? Go-live is simply the first step in the long lifecycle of your EHR. As product enhancements and new releases are distributed, how will your team receive training? Is there an extra cost? Be sure to think long term as you plan your training activities.

  9. How is your training program structured? There are numerous methodologies / processes to EHR training from train the trainer to end-user training to individual training. Work with your vendor to structure the best training program for you and your staff. Don’t get pushed into a one-size-fits-all training program.

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