Our Solutions

  • Inpatient EHR

    Our inpatient solution is a Web-native, easy-to-use software application that provides clinicians with a complete view of their patients. With one-click order entry, configurable documentation templates, personalized nursing summary screens and embedded clinical decision support, Prognosis offers a complete solution designed for rural and community hospitals.


  • Ambulatory EMR

    Prognosis’ unified solution combines acute and ambulatory solutions to eliminate challenges of time and cost associated with both environments. We give physicians access to critical patient information across the continuum of care. With time-enhancing features, our product includes clinical reminders, documentation templates, diagnostic order lists and medication information.


  • Emergency Department

    Prognosis’ ED solution is seamlessly integrated into our clinical and financial systems, allowing information to be easily transferred across the hospital. Our core functionality includes an easy-to-read ED Whiteboard; triage, physician and nurse documentation; order tracking; results viewing; alerts; core measures management and scanning / digital imaging.


  • Patient Accounting

    Our powerful revenue management portfolio includes patient accounting, accounts payable and A/R collection tools that optimize financial operations and streamline the patient’s experience. Our financial solution has worked in rural hospitals for more than 20 years and helped lower A/R days by more than 50 percent.


  • General Accounting

    Prognosis’ cost-effective financial system helps hospitals achieve greater efficiency and profitability. Our Web-powered system eliminates delayed batch processing and instead ensures your data is available at all times. There are no hard stops to the billing cycle, providing 24/7 access to your information and ensuring financial stability for your organization.

Enterprise Solution

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