Certified ChartAccess Inpatient EHR

Adaptable to you.

ChartAccess Inpatient is adaptable to your needs. The browser based architecture means it is easy to learn, fast to implement, and accessible anywhere anytime. In addition, the flexibility built into the product allows our implementation team to fit the software to your workflow.

ChartAccess is a ONC certified product.


Flexible & Adaptable

We've built flexibility into the product. Whether it is our customizable one-click order sets or the charting form configuration engine, you are in control at all times. You know what you know. And we want you to have the power to make our product work for you.


Browser Based

The ChartAccess system is completely browser based and delivered through our datacenter with onsite delivery capabilities as well. The browser based software means your team can access the product on any device at any time. 


Simple to Use

Simple software. The ChartAccess system is known for its simplicity. Your team will be up and running in no time. This means quality improvements as your workflows are being followed more consistently.


For an overview of the key product features, get the brochure.