Hardware Specification Policy

The recommended specifications are designed to ensure the workstations used for Prognosis are capable of providing adequate performance with a standard complement of installed applications, such as virus protection software.

Prognosis cannot guarantee acceptable performance with the Minimum specifications when running Prognosis concurrently with other applications that consume system resources that are required for Prognosis.

Prognosis requires the following specifications for desktop and user hardware:

  • Intel Dual Core CPU 2.66GHz or higher
  • 4GB RAM minimum (8GB recommended)
  • Windows 7 Ultimate or Enterprise with TPM chip (Recommended Data at Rest Encryption with Windows BitLocker)
  • Google Chrome browser
  • Adobe Reader, Flash and Shockwave Player
  • 1000Mbit (1Gbit) NIC
  • VGA/DVI 20" monitor or larger
  • Windows Update / Firewall / Defender (Minimum requirement is to keep all desktops up to date with the latest updates)
  • USB slots disabled per HIPAA Compliance via Localized or Domain Group Policy


Updated August 2017.