$2 Million

Are you interested in a 15 minute discovery call to hear about how we found $2M of cash hidden in the revenue cycle of a Texas hospital? Our RCM services are designed to augment your capabilities. We spend a lot of time on the front end ensuring that what we bring to the table compliments your strengths.


Find hidden cash

We find that ALL hospitals have at least $500K of improvement waiting to be discovered in their revenue cycle. We stand behind our work and our clients dont pay a dime if we dont deliver at least 3x our fees in improvements for our no-risk assessment.

Get best practices for RCM Mgmt

Our RCM professionals will engage with your management team to provide best practices and ensure you are always prepared and running efficiently.


Let us augment your team

We have professionals with expertise at every step along the revenue cycle. Let us augment your capabilities to drive value. We know one-size does not fit all and we dont try to cram you into a process. We meet you where you're at and add value.


Take the No Risk RCM assessment:

We don't charge a thing until we have delivered 3x our fees in easily accessible cash hidden in your revenue cycle. Bring $1M to your next board meeting! Let us tell you how, schedule a meeting today: