December 13th Health Exec Briefing

Top Stories

CHS’ largest shareholder donates $115M to Caltech for brain research
$115M is being donated to the California Institute of Technology to help fund the launch of a campuswide neuroscience initiative focused on interdisciplinary brain research, supporting the creation of the Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Institute for Neuroscience at Caltech. Read more about the research being put into artificial intelligence and virtual reality in healthcare.
(Becker’s Hospital CFO, December 8)

Applause for Senate’s passage of 21st Century Cures Act
The 21st Century Cures Act is a landmark bipartisan legislation that will accelerate new drug approval, fund medical research to find a cure for Alzheimer’s and cancer, and help states combat opiod abuse and provide funding for precision medicine initiatives. Read more about how this new healthcare legislation will support health IT goals including EHR interoperability and security.
(Fierce Healthcare, December 8)

What’s New in Healthcare

BioTelemetry expands into remote diabetes management market with Telcare acquisition
Joseph H. Capper, president and CEO of BioTelemetry, stated that, “We chose the diabetes market as our first major digital population health initiative because of its significant overall burden on the healthcare system.” BioTelemetry acquired Telcare for upfront consideration of $7 million in cash.
(Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review, December 8)

How to adapt to any possible change in ACA
Repeal of the Affordable Care Act has been at the core of the Trump healthcare agenda however budget rules limit the ability to fully repeal the ACA. Changes to the ACA will have many moving parts, involve powerful constituencies and have enormous budgetary implications that will likely require a deliberative process. Read about what healthcare organizations can do to anticipate these challenges. 
(Health Data Management, December 8)

What a Trump administration may mean for digital health
Given the uncertainty of what a reimagined ACA might look like, concerns remain about a possible rollback in coverage and access to care, among other policy changes. According to an HIT Consultant report, new policies and regulations that increase financial risks for consumers and ratchet up cost pressures on providers could fuel investment in digital technologies.
(Healthcare Dive, December 8)

Healthcare Innovations

EHR Data Helpful in Identifying Positive Drug Combinations
According to a study from Stanford Medicine, EHR data can be effective in determining different drug interactions that can help improve lifespan in breast cancer patients. Using EHR data in Stanford’s Oncoshare cancer database, researchers found three drug combinations that resulted in prolonged lifespan by up to five years.
(EHR Intelligence, December 12)

Strategies to Better Understand EHR Implementation Barriers
According to a study published in the American Journal of Managed Care, item response theory proves to be an effective survey technique. A research team sought to determine the best strategy for identifying EHR implementation barriers by looking at three different survey techniques: one that requires respondents to select all barriers that apply to them, one that uses a logistic regression model, and one that uses IRT.
(EHR Intelligence, December 9)

Text Messaging Program Offers an mHealth Nudge to Busy Parents
More than 70 percent of the parents contacted by the Park Nicollet Health System have scheduled visits since the Minneapolis-based provider launched the mHealth messaging program in January. Ali Salita, Park Nicollet’s project manager for clinical health support said, “there are so many well-child visits in a short period of time, and many parents are not familiar with the well child standards and the importance of frequent visits.”
(mHealth Intelligence, December 12)

New Partnerships in Healthcare

Medtronic teams up with Fitbit on type 2 diabetes management
The collaboration between Medtronic and Fitbit helps to integrate health and activity data for patients with type 2 diabetes as well as their doctors and care teams. Laura Stoltenberg, VP and GM of non-intensive diabetes therapies at Medtronic said that, “this partnership underscores our commitment to transforming diabetes care, together, for greater freedom and health.”
(Healthcare Dive, December 8)

4 Partnerships Steps for Addressing Social Determinates of Health
As the healthcare industry starts to develop holistic patient management strategies based on the idea that clinical care accounts for only a fraction of ultimate outcomes, healthcare organizations should seek out social service organizations, public health officials, and complementary provider services to create a robust social safety net for patients.
(Health IT Analytics, December 12)

HIMSS, AMA Join Forces on mHealth App Evaluation

Xcertia, described as a partnership between AMA, AHA, HIMSS, and DHX Group to “advance the body of knowledge around clinical content, usability, privacy and security, interoperability, and evidence of efficacy” for mHealth apps, joins a growing number of organizations looking to certify mHealth apps for both patients and providers.
(mHealth Intelligence, December 12)

Security & Analytics

Cybersecurity product aims at defense for extended enterprise
Unisys Corporations, an information technology company, is entering the network protection fray, building out a product that uses analytics and other technical approaches that could make it suitable for healthcare data environments. Read about Unisys’s new product that provides protection across several platforms–core networks, cloud, mobile, and analytics.
(Health Data Management, December 8)

HIPAA Audits, Ransomware, Mobile Security Top 2016 Headlines
Over the past years, data breaches continued to be a hot topic in healthcare, with a larger focus on ransomware and how that may affect organizations. Healthcare data security is an ever-evolving area, with covered entities constantly working to ensure that they have the necessary tools in place to keep patient data safe.
(Health IT Security, December 12)

6 Cybersecurity Challenges You Must Address For 2017
McAfee Labs and Intel Security foresee new threats to the healthcare industry through connected devices in a 2017 Threat Predictions report. The report examines current trends in cybercrime and makes predictions about what the future may hold for organizations working to take advantage of new technologies. Read about the possible cybersecurity challenges in the upcoming new year.
(Health IT OutcomesDecember 12)