Prognosis' Revenue Cycle Solutions

At Prognosis, we take a holistic view on healthcare management. The revenue cycle doesn't start in the back-office and isn't merely done by billers. Effective results require coordinated effort from all care levels and back office functions. Our RCM solutions combine technology and professional services to deliver exponential bottom line results.We find that all hospitals have at least $500K in value waiting to be unlocked in their revenue cycle.


The 'No Risk' assessment


We find that all hospitals have a minimum of $500K of cash ready to be discovered in their revenue cycle. We begin all engagements with a No Risk assessment where we deliver that cash to you. We only charge you for the assessment if we deliver 3x on our fee.


Staff augmentation

Our RCM services are augmentative in nature. We meet you where you're at. The Prognosis RCM team includes experts at all stages of the revenue cycle. Let us augment your team with our experts. The No Risk assessment will demonstrate where we can help.

RCM outsourcing

In some cases, our clients elect to outsource revenue cycle management. Our RCM team can handle your entire revenue cycle with predictability and results. The No Risk assessment will demonstrate how our services can drive bottom line results for your organization. 


Take the No Risk RCM assessment:

We don't charge a thing until we have delivered 3x our fees in easily accessible cash hidden in your revenue cycle.
Bring $1M to your next board meeting! Let us tell you how, schedule a meeting today.