Support Policy

Prognosis Client Support is dedicated to providing world class service to our Clients. The Client Support team is, in many ways, our eyes and ears at Prognosis. It is one of the primary sources of our Client’s satisfaction and product enhancement requests.

Prognosis has designed its support policy to ensure that it can provide world class support to its Clients. Adherence by our Clients to this policy will enable Prognosis to follow through with its goal of providing this kind of support.

How to interact with Prognosis Client Support

All Prognosis Clients are supported through a train-the-trainer model. This means that all client facilities have a Prognosis trained trainer(s) on staff. These trainers, also known as super users, are the Client liaisons to the Prognosis Client Support team.

If you are a User:

1)       Check your internal manual and/or quick reference cards to resolve your questions.

2)       Contact your facility’s super user and/or follow your internal support request policies.

If you are a Super User:

1)       See if the request can be solved using our Prognosis University online content which has been created and designed as a knowledge base to assist you in training your staff.

2)       Contact Prognosis Client Support through the Support Ticketing System.

What to expect

You can expect rapid response during business hours (8am to 5pm CST Monday through Friday) from the Prognosis Client Support team. They will acknowledge receipt of the request and follow-up with additional questions if needed.

Once the Prognosis Client Support team has a ticket with fully detailed information about the request you can expect to be given an estimated resolution time. In some rare cases, we are unable to offer an estimated resolution time due to the complexity of the issue or other factors.

In all cases you can, and should, expect to receive a courteous and professional response from our staff.

Support Structure

Prognosis provides a Train the Trainer support model. Each customer is required to have a Prognosis certified trainer (Super User) on staff who is responsible to train new users in the use of the Prognosis system. These Super Users are also responsible for the “first line of support” at the facility when the staff has questions or needs training on the system. Super Users are the only facility staff authorized to have a login account to the Prognosis Support ticketing systemLearn more about the requirements for Certified Trainers here:

Reply Times and Expectations

The Prognosis Support team strives to provide world class support to our Clients. Towards this goal, we normally provide a first reply within minutes during business hours and resolve most issues within two business days. If our Client’s support request is deemed an enhancement, it is reviewed by our product management team and, if accepted, scheduled for a future development date. Learn more about our Support Policy here:

After Hours Support

The Prognosis support team provides an 800 number for after-hours support. This is exclusively for critical system issues like a down system down or a major part of the system being unresponsive. All other issues reported after hours will be responded to during business hours.

Client Support Levels

Unless otherwise specified as an attachment to your Master Services Agreement, the support levels are:

Priority 1 (P1) - Critical Impact

  • Problems that seriously interrupt or prevent the Client from performing regular business operations.

  • Types of issues: 1) server inoperable/completely unresponsive, 2) major patient safety issue

  • Initial response target: 2 business hours

  • Resolution target: One (1) business day after Prognosis Client Support reproduces the problem

Priority 2 (P2) - Serious Impact

  • Major product issues which do not severely impeded Client operations

  • Types of issues: 1) interface inoperable, 2) minor patient safety issue, 3) failure to produce patient bill

  • Initial response target: 1 business day

  • Resolution target: Problem fixes will be developed and made available, an acceptable workaround, a mutually agreed upon action plan or an answer to a question within two (2) business days after Prognosis Client Support reproduces the problem.

Priority 3 (P3) 

  • Relatively low impact, product problems or issues.

  • Types of issues: 1) individual patient issues (cancel discharge, merge accounts and care level changes, etc), 2) minor interface problems, 3) addition, deletion and edit of new orderables

  • Initial response target: 2 business days

  • Resolution target: Problem fixes are candidates for a future produce release, an acceptable workaround, a mutually agreed upon action plan or an answer to a question within one (1) week.

Assumptions & Dependencies

This policy is subject to the following assumptions and dependencies.

1)       Prognosis is not responsible to train end users.

2)       Client is responsible for communicating their internal training and support policy to end users.

3)       Client is responsible to keep Super Users and Trainers up to date in their knowledge of the system’s features. This may require training by PIH staff on a regular basis.

4)       Client is responsible to be available to Prognosis Client Support for screen shares and follow-up questions to allow Prognosis to properly diagnose the issue.


Updated August 2017.